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MPA Måleriproduktion Coating AB


What we do

MPA Måleriproduktion Coating AB is part of the MPA Group and offer industrial paintwork and rust protection for all types of industrial products as well as larger vehicles. We established in 1986 and have many years in the industry and great expertise and competent personell. We can offer quality solutions adapted to your needs. Our customers varies from the smaller local company to the major global world leading industrial groups. We are authorized in rust protection painting.


We have our own modern workshops at several sites in 8 cities from north to south of Sweden. Therefore, we can offer a unique solution as a complete supplier with short delivery times, redundancy and volume flexibility.


We have divided our services into four categories: Lego, Factory in factory, Traction vehicles and Sitework.


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What we stand for

At MPA we work after the following keywords:


Quality, Engagement, Reliability, Environmental care, Flexibility, Safety and Capability. For us, it is of great importance that our customers and employees have confidence in us as a supplier and partner.

With these keywords as a foundation, we build long-term relationships and collaborate with our customers. We also propose improvements in terms of the process, cost and environment.


We can handle everything from small details in small series to very large details and full-scale series production in large parts of Sweden.


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As marketleader we aim to be the best within the industrial painting area and the natural choise as a co-supplier to our customers


Environment & Quality

MPA's goal is to contribute to sustainable development and not jeopardizing the quality of life of future generations. The keywords for this development are a holistic approach and a cycle thinking. Here are some hands on actions we take to work as a sustainable company. 

Energy efficiency​

  • All heating fossil free​

  • Energy recovery systems, compressors, ovens

Surface treatment process​

  • Recirculation of blasting media​

  • Reduction of paint waste through 2K pumps​

  • Recovery of solvents (VOC)​

  • Drive paint-system changes with customers (to waterborne)​

  • Targets for reduction of VOC​


Purification processes​

  • Oil separators Class 1​

  • Heavy metal separator​

  • Destruction of residual waste, for energy recovery​



  • Surface treatments near customer demands​

  • Efficient transportations when needed (”loop transports”)​

  • Chargeable hybrids as preferred company cars




MPA is located in 8 different cities divided on 13 different sites from Örnsköldsvik in the north to Skänninge in the south. Thanks to our geographical spread we can operate throughout Sweden, with no project being too small or too big. 

We have sites on the following locations:

  • Örnsköldsvik

  • Arbrå

  • Bollnäs

  • Västerås

  • Köping

  • Motala

  • Vadstena

  • Skänninge

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Our offer

We have categorized our offer into 4 subcategories. However, we always adapt our offer to each specific customer to ensure we meet all of our customers' need. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. 

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We offer surface treatments to a large amount of customers within our factories. From single objects to serial production all over Sweden​



Factory in factory

We offer painting 

competence, flexibility and quality assurance within customers manufacturing 




Traction Vehicles

We offer maintenance and upgrades of mainly traction vehicles within own premises




We offer surface treatments at customers sites. Typically hydro energy plants, papermills, and bridges





We offer surface treatments to a large amount of customers within our factories. From single objects to serial production all over Sweden.​


  • Painting facilities in a large part of Sweden​

  • Facilities of a very high industrial standard​

  • Can handle both small and large customers as well as objects​

  • Experience from many customers demands and needs​

  • Experienced and competent personnel​

  • Frosio Inspector Level 3 (4 persons)



Här finns vi


Factory in factory

We paint complete products, components and spare parts as well as manage their pre-treatments (washing, blasting, grinding etc.) ​ We provide relevant paint systems for the products and their applications and environments​. We support customers when needed and commits to other needs if needed (packaging, light assembly etc.)​


  • MPA manage volume flexibility, redundancy and training​

  • Competence to manage technology development and environmental demands. Capital to improve and expand when needed. ​

  • Take full responsibility for quality assurance and demands from authorities​

  • MPA maintain the facility​

  • Drives continues improvements together with customers​

  • Pricing in collaboration with customers “open book approach”​

  • A truly long term partner with stamina and engagement

Factory in factory


Traction Vehicles

We have long experience from maintenance of vehicles and trains. We focus on quality and efficiency to ensure the vehicles are back in use as soon as possible, without compromising the result.


  • Surface treatments of complete trainsets up to 195 m in own premises​

  • Long experience from maintenance of vehicles and trains​

  • Short lead-times for a minimum of stop-time for operator our focus​

  • Own jacking capacity

Traction Vehicle



Sometimes it's more practical or even necessary to repair or do maintenance on site. We have the possibility to combine sitework with work in our own factories to ensure a smooth and seamless solution for our customers, impacting the daily activities as little as possible.


  • Experience from many projects mainly within hydro electrical plants and for bridges​

  • We provide mobile equipment needed and can combine sitework with work in our factories​

  • We fulfill customers high demands on quality, working environment and environmental aspects​

  • Our capability to meet our customers high expectations is one of our major strengths

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Contact us


For general questions you can fill out the form below. For contact information to our head office or different sites, please see our contact page "Kontakt".

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Is there a problem?

MPA Måleriproduktion strives to be transparent and work according to good business ethics. The enabling of a whistleblowing function is important to reduce risk and to maintain confidence in our business, by letting us detect and remedy suspected irregularities at an early stage. To read more or fill out the form, click on the link below.

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